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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  December 29, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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yes, they were pretty bold a man rashes right through local department store with a ledge hammer watch investigators say he got away with worth tens of thousands of dollars. also: ♪ >> oh, singing in the rain, just a day after losing her daughter, carrie fisher, a broken hearted debbie reynolds has died, as well. such sad news on that. more on her life. >> good to have you with us, i'm thomas drayton along with karen hepp. sue serio joining us doing double duty for bob. >> bob enjoying a vacation this week, and we will have an interesting morning. >> we new we would have some problems today. oh, we'll let sue hands it will. >> the odds were in our favor for messy weather. today will be the messy morning. now, buddy has the umbrella, has his boots on, his waterproof warm coat. temperatures are in the 20's, 30's, and he's ready for rain
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and/or snow. that's what is headed our way. so it is a four out of ten in your weather by the numbers, because of the mess we're expecting this morning. whatever you get it will be sloppy out there. and you see from radar that it is starting to edge in. looks like a little pink on the radar in new castle county, delaware, which indicates the possibility of some freezing rain, it looks a little like flurries, in chester and lancaster counties, as well. winter weather advisory for two-4 inches every accumulation in carbon, monroe counties, where they welcome it for the ski resort, anyway. but these are the cold temperatures we have out there right now. only degree above freezing in lancaster, and here in philadelphia, in the two's to the north of us, only 31 degrees in millville. and 30 in atlantic city. so initially you will get some snow probably, but quickly changing over to rain, just during the inbetween period that it could be very slippery. 33 degrees in philadelphia, with windchill of 29. eventually we get into the mid 40's, for our high temperature.
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and it rains at least through lunchtime. maybe even little longer. that's your thursday planner. from the weather authority, now, the roads have been brine already, we will tell but that, for most every these accident we have this morning, the roads have been dry, so there is that disable vehicle, on i95 southbound, just after the columbus boulevard exit. with the left lane blocked there. an accident in maple shade causing a lot of problems on route 73 northbound at high street. a tractor-trailer was involved in this one. and some wires came down. so this is going to be out there for a while. northbound lanes of that part of route 73, blocked, and both northbound, southbound, actually closed at this time. we did have lane getting by earlier. so they're trying to get that taken care of. avoid that part of route 73 in maple shade. limerick, pa, swamp pike, fruit ville road, accident there. and another one on the shoulder in pennsgrove, new jersey, on the new jersey turnpike, southbound, just after the delaware memorial toll plaza.
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and road conditions are going to deteriorate, guys, so leave earl. >> i sue, thanks for helping us get aroundment time 5:02, vanished on christmas eve, found days later, learning more this morning about great grandmother and great granddaughter right there. took wrong turn on their way to visit family for friends, or family for the holiday, and friends. the wayward journey became a story of survival. our jenny joyce in the studios, what exactly happened here, jenny? >> good morning, tomorrow. well, certainly scary experience for this woman and her great granddaughter. they were found stranded in an isolated rural area of virginia. seventy-one year old barbara briley and five year old la myra disappeared christmas eve during road trip from police landing new jersey to north carolina law enforcement officers across three states performed extensive grounds and air search, last night a man who just happened to be checking on his property came across briley and the child, and they were outside of the car in a wooded area. police say the 71 year old was
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unconscious, and taken to the hospital in critical condition. the five year old is okay. >> miss briley and lamyra probably 50 yards from the tree. apple and juice boxes, apples, other items appear probably had been eating and drinking several things during that time period. >> briley became dis disoriente, drove up dirt path and her car had been stuck. police think the pair had been in the area for days. relief they were found alive several days after they had been reported missing, karen? >> thank you, jenny. police say a man who was drunk driving is to blame for a crash that happened in kensington, the driver slammed into another car, injuring the people inside. that's the scene where it all happened, second and berks, it was just around five hours ago. so, that driver, and the two people in that ouverte, were all taken to the hospital. their injuries are reported to be minor. >> there is also an early morning apartment fire, over
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in lancaster avenue in the city t has been brought under control already. fire broke out above a hookah bar and restaurant, on the 3600 block about 2:30 this morning. everybody got out okay. they're all safe. we don't know what started that fire. >> time now 5:05. happening today, visitation services will begin for the south philadelphia store owner, who is fatally shot on christmas eve. marie buck was shot several times on christmas eve, as sheeted behind the counter at marie's grocery. police say no money was taken from the store. so far no arrest haves been made. visitation will be held tonight and tomorrow morning at bald i funeral home south broad street. her funeral will be held friday at 11:00. >> police are asking for your help to find a person behind a pretty pricy smash and grab. it happened in bucks county. we've got steve keeley out thereby the kohl's in lower makefield, where a video captured this whole thing. good morning, steve. >> reporter: yes, this guy new a loft inside stuff. look where we are. so, the kohl's, almost taylor
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made for this kind of thing to happen. because look, there is a gas station that's open all night. you can even see somebody outside right now. but look at the kohl's. the doors don't face oxford valley road. so when you walk up to these front doors, you see where he smashed in, because it is all boarded up now, look how he has the gas station is gone, and then look once you're back here, nobody can see you. and out in the parking lot, there is no surveillance cameras, nothing 24 hours over there. you can hear even he has this blaring music to almost quiet the sound of the sledgehammer smashing all of the glass. let's look at the surveillance video police put out. hoping somebody somehow recognizes this guy. it is not just the guy you might recognize, but the construction equipment he uses. a major size sledgehammer that usually only demolition and contractors workers use, and then he's got that construction type canvas bag. i won't even know where to buy one of these bags. but he has this canvas bag
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that usually carries tools of construction workers. and he smashes through the two sets of front doors, smashes the jewelry cases, and notice he's never in a hurry, it seems, he just casually walk over to the jewelry case, and casually walked out. >> there is the sledge hammer. >> really? >> ya. >> he got like up to a hundred thousand dollars in stuff. >> oh, my word. >> isn't that crazy? >> wow. that's craze. >> i you hadn't heard about it, snow. >> no, no, i had not, no, i hadn't. >> while they're hearing about it now. and the other thing that guy had going for him on the other side of the kohl's, on the opposite end, where the gas station was, nothing but dark woods. and out here in the parking lot, a clean get away. because the parking lot doesn't even deadened. we've noticed this is like a thorough fair. so people drive-thru this parking lot. you can see those truck
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headlight on the other side. so he had an easy get away. police don't even know which way he got a way, because no surveillance cameras outside, or in the parking lot. so they don't even know what kind of vehicle he drove up in. chances are he didn't bike over here or walk over here with the big sledgehammer. thing probably ways 30 pounds itself, not something you carry to up this place, karen, thomas? >> that's the truth. steve, thanks. in other news from bethlehem, dozens of families finally back in their homes after the massive sinkhole and gas leak forced them out yesterday. firefighters detect add strong natural gas odor inside several homes wednesday, lot of concern, fire officials say they had to get 30 people out of their homes and four block area was closed to traffic. we spoke with one couple. >> right now you feel safe. but through our minds we're thinking okay, what about the rest of the area here? is this area in good shape? i was really scared.
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but i didn't know what we were supposed to do or anything. quite a day. >> there is no where, when all of the repairs will be completed. >> we have lost another hollywood icon. debbie reynolds has died one day after losing her daughter carrie fisher. >> ♪ ♪ >> reynolds was just 19 years old when she shined alongside gene kelly and donald o'connor in singing in the rain. this morning so many are saying the star died after broken heart, of course, setting the funeral for her daughter. >> trace gallagher looks back at the life and career of this hollywood legend. >> ♪
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>> legendary actress debbie reynolds died at 84 years old, one day after her daughter carrie fisher passed away. >> the acclaimed singer, dancer, actress started more than 40 films, countless tv shows, also business woman, film historian, humanitarian, and avid collector of film memorabilia. >> for mary francis reynolds, april 1st, 1932, in el paso, texas, she had her break out role in 1950, three little words. but danced her way into film history two years later, when she co-starred with gene kelly and donald o'connor in singing in the rain. >> ♪ >> her success in the 50's continued with the affairs of doby gillis, susan slept here, and tammy and the bachelor. the title role in 1964 is the
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unthinkable molly brown, garnered her best actress nomination. and inbetween movies, and stage shows, she also headlined the citcom the debbie reynolds show. debbie was married and divorced three times. most famously to carrie fisher's singer father, eddie, who left her for reynolds' good friend, elizabeth taylor. reynolds remained active well into her 80s, and was recognized for her charity work with the humanitarian oscar at this year's show. >> i've so excited. >> and lifetime a chiefment award from the screen actors guild. she is survived by her son, todd. in hollywood, trace gallagher, fox news. >> and she was loved so many are weighing in this morning. joel i fisher says she is inconsolable, losing another love one. she tweeted breaking my silence with a broken heart. the unfathomable lost, the earth is off its axis today, how dare you take her away from us. >> played the mother of debra messing character will and
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greats, and tweeted, so heart sick, debbie went to be with carry, it is such a devastating one-two punch. she was my mom for years and i loved her dearly, a legend. >> it was albert brooks who cast reynolds in the title role of his 1996 comedy mother. he tweets debbie reynolds, a legend and my movie mom. i can't believe this happened one day after carrie. my heart goes out to billie. >> it is 5:12 right now. confessions after killer. there was a man we told but this story, he was shot, he was driving down the street. >> coming up next on fox 289 morning news, we will tell but the person who police say has admitted to pulling the trigger. >> and so many development in the political world from secretary every state john kerry, talking about israel, to the controversy over the transition of power. we will be breaking it all down, just ahead. about bassett.
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you really can custom make your furniture exactly how you want. it's all about customization. the possibilities are endless.
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>> couple every inches of snow in the poconos. in effect now until 4:00 p.m. we have a winter weather advisory. for monroe, for carbon counties, and other counties to the north of there, as well, with two-4 inches every
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accumulation, expected, because everything is expected to stay snow. now it, looks like for us, as we see the leading edge of this precipitation, start to move in, that it does start out as snow. we zoom in to new castle county t looks like there was maybe some freezing rain, now, again, for the initial portion, not all of it is making it to the grounds, even though you see it on radar. but looks like we are getting something in pottsville, up in lancaster county, and some of that snow is moving into chester county, as well. the next question will be well, when does it change over to rain. but, meantime, probably just some flurries frying around, chester county, at the moment. but, it is only 33 degrees in lancaster, and philadelphia, 34 in wilmington, below freezing in pottstown, allentown, mount pocono, again, why we are expecting a initial frozen precipitation before the change-over to rain. but this is why we watch temperature and precipitation, as we look at the future cast, there is the rain, there is the snow to the north.
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and you'll see that line of rain and snow move northward, through 7:00 through 8:00, 8:00 already up to 39 degrees in philadelphia. 28 degrees in mount pocono. the snow already starting to pile up a little bit there. so it looks like a messy commute of different forms. some rain, some snow, already at 45 degrees by 11:00. probably staying in the mid 40's, during the day. eventually, temperatures will get a lot colder overnight, and tomorrow it will be cold, it will be windy, it will be 39 degrees on friday. so this is the colds he is day we'll see in the seven day forecast, gets little bit better. but still chilly on new years eve. and new years day we get up to 49 degrees, during the day, up 30th's in the morning, when the parade gets started. chance of showers on monday, and on tuesday, but, by then, it is milder in the 50's by then. so that is a look at your seven day forecast, a lot to keep track of there. let's talk about what's going on on the roadways. one of the big problems this morning in maple shade, where we have this accident, route
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73 northbound, at high street, involving tractor-trailer, some wires came down in that accident, so all lanes are blocked right you there, on both sides of route 73, northbound, and southbound. police, fire department, on the scene, trying to get that taken care of, but avoid maple shade, in a farther of route 73 this morning, disable vehicle still thereon i95 southbound, just after columbus boulevard, no, it looks lick it is just been moved. so, that has been taken care of. now, there is an accident on the shoulder of the road. new jersey turnpike, southbound, pennsgrove, just after the delaware memorial toll plaza. it is off to the side. so it shouldn't be slowing you down. but, that water main break is still out there. they still haven't fixed it at penn's landing, southbound columbus boulevard, at queen street. but we're hearing that it should be repaired by tomorrow. we'll see what happens. karen, thomas? >> thank you there, sue. well, 33 year old man who was shot to death, while he was driving, that was the story we
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were telling you about for couple every days, now we have a confession from his killer, according to police, and it was the woman who was in the car with him. philadelphia police say it all started with a argument between the victim. there he is. terrell bruce. and 27 year old, martino westcott while driving tuesday. the suv they were driving in after he had been shot veered into another vehicle, you can see the scene, this is right off walnut lane. the victim's family says they had been a couple but they had broken up. many people are remembering the victim as someone who enjoyed helping others. >> a great man, a great uncle, a great brother, and he cared about people. he wanted the best for everybody. he wanted to see you win, even if it didn't mean anything beneficial for him. >> so police say the suspect graduated from penn, then thomas jefferson university, was working in the field of public health. she has been charged with murder.
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>> and certain parts every wilmington, delaware, we know that gun violence is sadly too common. >> struck one man's family limiter he told our bill anderson he wanted to provide some light to families that were really overwelmed by pain and darkness. >> ♪ >> on august 31, 2014, jamal's brother shot and killed in wilmington, delaware. the murder self was painful. how he found out, was unbearable. >> they made it crystal clear. just like yesterday. because i found out through facebook. >> my heart goes out to you all. don't know if they contacted you all. was killed ... >> the message haunted jamal. not just because it was a text, announcing murder, but also because it meant the falling out they earlier had was now permanent. >> we wasn't speaking at that time for almost two years over something dumb. you feel me? and have to go see him like this, dead in a casket, that's
5:21 am
horrible. isn't a lie. >> his own experience has moved jamal to unsolved mudder tears make sure people losing their lives often for stupid reasons are never forgotten. >> just showing you that just how many murders we had. this happens on daily basis. nobody speaking up. >> wilmington is only 17 square miles, so you see the number of pictures of murder victims in and around the area, and how related many are, is honestly scary. >> i felt as though you have on your page a picture of him in the casket. he was killed. it is real. >> it is so real that we're hiding his identity, because obviously when you are discussing unsolved murders, some don't like it, jamal knows, and understands, that people are afraid, but still feel that they de is her after place to grieve and ask for help. and his page is become that. >> he said this page was to
5:22 am
help you cope? >> help me cope, yes. >> but now it is helping a loft people. >> helping a lot of people cope. i'm actually proud that it is, it is actually doing something good. >> jamal knows the stop pitching culture, fear of retaliation, at least partly responsible for the majority every his victims on his facebook page and unsolved nurds ertz, he knows it, he under stands it, but still feels families who want to talk, event, or ask for community help, they need a place to do it. for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. >> time 5:22. you probably are waking up looking outside and not looking at facebook. >> oh, no, it is a blizzards. >> you're not going to expect is that much snow. few snowflakes will start falling up north. but mainly in the poconos this morning. where they could get about two, 3 inches. sue has you covered. what can you expect locally? stay with us.
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>> new jersey lawmakers voted over well minkly to pass the bill, to specify how much insurance ride sharing companies must maintain, set requirements for driver backgrounds checks. now, the bill also prohibits discriminating against riders,
5:26 am
based on their destination, race, age, and sexual orientation. the bill awaits governor chris christie's approval. uber said new jersey would become the 37th state to pass a ride sharing law. and if you live in delaware, and you own a dog, expect a cheaper licensing policy in the new year. the state office of animal welfare now permitting pet owners who are 65 and older to pay just $7 a year for a dog license. which is down three bucks from the year before, the rate for un altered dogs, $15 for everybody, change will take effect january 1st. >> good news, we love to pay less, septa offering it customers nice gift for new year. fares are going down. starting january 1st, pay less than on the norristown high-speed line and some buses leading to and from the king of prussia mall. septa is eliminating some fare zones to make things simple for commuters. you'll pay 1.50 less though ride the rales between norristown and 69 street
5:27 am
station. while the bus fare, to and from the mall; dropping 50-cent. down from 2.25 per trip. >> i love paying less. >> isn't that great? >> good news. >> 5:26. high school marching bands from florida spending a second night here in philadelphia. >> not too bad. things could be worse, but didn't plan it that way. we'll tell you why they were stranded, and how they're trying to get to rome and back.
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>> weaver some weather. so who will get snow. who will get rain? where and how much? sue, is tracking it all, and she's also watching the roads. >> just waking up, good news this morning, good news for the loved ones here, the great grandmother, her great granddaughter. went missing christmas eve. they've been found, hundreds of miles away from home. so we will have all of the details on this one. also ahead this morning, we are remembering hollywood legend, debbie reynolds. more on her life coming up in just a moment. great to have you with us everyone, i'm thomas drayton. >> i'm karen hepp. we have a busy morning, a loft news but the weather will be a big story. we have sue doing double duty today. >> right. starting to move into the area right now. we can promise you some tricky travel in spots this morning.
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>> what do we think, start for snow even here? >> right. for brief period before it turns over to rain. allow a lot of time to get where you are going. bus stop buddy ready for all of it, you see, putting the boots on, the umbrella therefore the rain. now, temperatures are in the 20's, and 30's, and they're in lies the problem. because that's why some of the precipitation will start out at least frozen. >> precipitation starting to mover into the western part of the viewing area. see pink, it indicates the possibility of freezing rain, maybe mixed with some snow, before we see the change-over. but in the mountains, speccing it to stay snow. accumulate two-4 inches, winter weather advisory for carbon, monroe counties, until 4:00 this afternoon, checking temperatures, which is of course critical to the type of precipitation, where ' right at freezing in reading, only degree above in lancaster, and here in philadelphia, in the 20's, and pottstown, and allentown. thirty-one in millville.
5:32 am
and 30 degrees in atlantic city. our windchill in philadelphia is 29 degrees. sunrise happens at 7:22, but not going to see sun this morning, in fact, it ends up being mostly rainy day. tapers off by the evening rush hour, by then, up to 47 degrees. so, there is your thursday, now, the messy weather hasn't started yet, but already had number every accidents on the roads this morning, although the situation has improved a bit in maple shade. northbound, to route 73, now completely open. where that accident happened at high street. again, route 73 at high street, where we had accident with a tractor-trailer, and wires down, southbound, though, on that road, still closed at that accident scene. and an accident in new hanover, township, between short road and north charlotte street, this is out near boyertown, berks county. and it is near boyertown east
5:33 am
junior high. and an accident on the shoulder of the road still there in pens grover, new jersey, it is the southbound new jersey turnpike, just after the delaware memorial toll plaza. and we're still shuttle bussing on the route 15 trolley. because that far ongoing construction around richmond street. guys? >> sue, thank you. time is 5:33. >> we had so much bad news, it is nice to have some good news, happy ending, so far relief this morning, but new jersey great grandmother, and her great granddaughter that have been missing since christmas eve have been found alive. >> quite the story of survival. our jenny joyce following this one. jenny, good morning. >> good morning, thomas. pretty amazing, 71 year old and her great granddaughter found stranded in a isolated part of virginia. police they this were in this area for days. barbara briley and five year old la myra disappeared christmas eve during road trip from mays landing new jersey to north carolina, law enforcement officers across three states performed extensive grounds and air search. last night a man who just happened to be checking on his property came across the pair. they were outside of the car in a wooded area, police say the 71 year old was
5:34 am
unconscious. she was taken to the hospital in critical condition, the five year old girl, she is okay. >> fortunately today he took a path that goes further back in the woods quite a ways. and that's when he came across the vehicle. miss briley was about 50 yards back to the main path where they put her in one of their police cars. >> police think briley became disoriented, she drove up a dirt path, and her car got stuck. investigators say, there were apples and juice boxes found near the child and grandmother, an indication that they at least had little bit of food during the time they went missing. karen, thomas? >> great to the have them both back home, jenny, thank you. security cameras capture a bold robber at bucks county department store. all in the act. for the suspect you see right there, he made off with tens of thousands of dollars in jewelry. >> and you can see, on this video, looks like he knew exactly where he was headed, what he was trying to get out of there. he got a way with a lot of money.
5:35 am
we have steve keel any lower makefield, actually money and jewelry really. he knew what he was targeting, steve? >> reporter: my man, jared behind the camera, outside j.c. penney for the after christmas sales, now outside kohl's for different kind of after christmas sale. >> this guy did major post christmas shopping here at this bucks county kohl's. right across route one from the oxford valley mall, and asks me place. but he got the biggest discount of all, 100% off all jewelry and watches that he could carry. no gift card needed. just a big sledgehammer. first to get through both sets of front doors, then to the kohl's jewelry counter, where the sledgehammer was used again on the glass cases. and this is the kind of stuff the sledgehammer and the canvas tool sack used by construction workers, demolition staff, and contractors, may be that is what makes him stands out. >> you can see, he has a sledgehammer. >> oh, wow.
5:36 am
quo, i think we live in a nice area, so to think something like that could happen anywhere i guess, it is pretty scary. >> so you hadn't heard about it though? >> no, no. i had not. no. >> i'm on my way to work. >> and so instead of a real christmas sales time, what you see here on the front door, please use other door sign. the doors still boarding up, still boarded up jewelry cases, too, and kohl's made it real easy for him. look at the jewelry case, right through the front doors, right beyond the shopping cart, and those anti-shoplifting detectors, which didn't help in this case, did they, karen, thomas? >> let me clarify here. no surveillance as far as -- >> outside. >> surveillance all from inside. but spin around outside, no cameras out in the parking lot or outside the front doors. so we have no idea about his get-away car. see this van here driving through? this is what i was talking about earlier. he has clean get away. because they'll make a right.
5:37 am
a lot of people using this area, on the other side of this parking lot, as a thorofare. that's what he could have possibly did, and gone into the night. but maybe these other stores have some surveillance, and police will look at all of their surround vale edges, plus in the days before there is thinking maybe he case dollars the cases, to see what he wanted to take before he came in to take it. >> would you think with such a busy area, such busy parking area, thanks, steve. >> former bucks county corrections officer behind bars, for smuggling drugs into a prison. >> john ding sell his name, he will be serving sentence of six to 23 months, prosecutors say, he slipped in opioid drug into the bucks county correctional facility in exchange for 500 bucks. judge also fined former corrections officer. that will former corrections officer, 2500 bucks, saying it was five times what he was willing to sell his honor for. >> there is more heart break-in hollywood. debbie reynolds has passed away just one day after her daughter carry fisher. >> her last words i just miss her so much. i want to be with carrie,
5:38 am
planning her daughter's funeral when she suffered a stroke yesterday. >> i want to be loved by you. oh, just one of the many movies, she did more than 40 musicals and films, a and countless tv shows, but starred in, such a force in hollywood. she even garnered best actress nomination for her role in 1964 the unthinkable molly brown. also being remembered as business woman, a film historian, humanitarian, an avid collector every film memorabilia. she was 84 years old. >> certainly loved celebrities who worked with reynolds and were inspired by her are paying tribute on twit they are morning. debbie alan tweets: debbie renolds, god is holding you and carrin his hand we will always speak your name. >> mario lopez, will always cherish our dawns cents together. >> octavia spencer saying lord, debbie and carrie rest in peace 2016. i've seen a lot of sadness, prayers to their families and so many others affected by the
5:39 am
loss. >> of course just so sad. it is 5:39. switch over to right now, president obama versus president-elect donald trump, again, last night, now you there noose pole, what it has to say.
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>> sports? one minute, sponsors by the rothman institute. this is fox 29 sports in one minute. good morning, i'm sean bell. the eagles are hoping to end the season with a two game
5:42 am
winning streak, mentally competent for next year, the guys think a win on sunday can proof a point. >> we feel like come out next year, take the division, you know, wifelike it is ours to take. pretty much come with that confidence, that swagger, come ready to play next year, ends the season with a win and just take the momentum from there. >> to the flyers they took on the blues, thirds period, doing it all himself. look, gets in the middle, shoots it right past mason. he had his first career hat trick. and yes, that was the difference, the flyers go onto lose six-three, in college hoops, 23rd ranked since that the any conference opener, up by fourment look at this move by setback three. and that seals their fate. temple goes onto lose. that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell.
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>> i59 girard avenue, these are the people that took our advice, leave now before the mess gets here, although, we've had some accidents already this morning, including this one, on route 73, between route 90 and high street is where the road is closed. police and fire department though are on the scene. it was a tractor-trailer, there are downed wires involved, quite the clean up
5:46 am
there. so, avoid that area. your alternate routes are lenola road and fork landing road. in that part of may he will shade this morning. >> another accident, new hanover township between short road and north charlotte street near boyertown east junior high school. that's out in bucks county. an accident still on the shoulder in pennsgrove. this is the new jersey turnpike southbound, just after the delaware memorial toll plaza, but that shouldn't slow you down this morning. the weather will, and we will talk all about it in 15 seconds. >> here it comes, moving in from west to east, rain to snow in many areas, very light to start. we could get coating on the ground, and travel could be a little bit dicey. looks like lancaster county,
5:47 am
chester county, berks, and then little bit of lehigh valley, getting impacted by. >> this see the freezing rain changing over to rain in new castle county, in delaware. but it is very tricky. it depends on the temperature, where it is, where you're traveling, and whether you're going over a bridge or not. you know those signs that say bridge freezes before road surface? this is the kind of day where that could have an impact, with changeable precipitation, in hokessing delaware, west grover, probably some flurries there, westtown could be a little bit of freezing rain, same for uekland, in chester county up in pottstown. we could see some freezing rain, initially, but eventually, it changes over, before that happens, we have a forecast for several inches of accumulation, what i'm trying to say in the poconos, about inch before the change over in allentown, maybe coating during the tricky travel time in lancaster, in berks, and in part of chester county for the rest every us it will mostly be rain, but the winter
5:48 am
weather advisory continues with two-4 inches every accumulation in our higher elevations today. so, it is very tricky, because of the temperatures, 33 degrees, only one agree above freezing, in philadelphia, and in lancaster, it is in the 20's in pottstown, 32, right at freezing in reading. and it is 34 in wilmington. but we have below freezing temperatures down in millville, in cumberland county, and in atlantic city, as women. so we start off little tricky. eventually see the line between the snow to the north and the rain to the south, moving northward, throughout the morning. so, 34 degrees to 36, between 7:00 and 8:00 in philadelphia. which means, the change-over happens then. so at this point, once it start to get -- we start to get precipitation, if you can wait little while for the change-over, that would be better for you, for traveling, at 9:00 already up to 41 degrees. and it is 39 degrees in lancaster. and that line keeps moving further northward throughout the morning. then we end up with just chilly rainy day, temperatures
5:49 am
in the mid 40's, winds will start picking up as the precipitation exits, should be gone by about 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon, and then it get cold tonight. temperatures will plunge down into the 30's, we'll have only high of 39 degrees, tomorrow, with some wind making it feel colder. then, we get to new years eve. and new years day t looks like both days should be dry. and that's the best news we can give you if you are going to be traveling around, maybe having some fun, for the occasion, and it looks like that it will be in the mid 30's, when we get to midnight on new years eve, and dry new years day, manage to hole off the rain, guys, until monday and tuesday of next week. >> we appreciate you, sue, thanks for doing. that will time 5:49. president-elect donald trump is taking credit for bringing thousands of jobs back to the u.s. trump claims he played role in sprint's decision to add 5,000 jobs in the united states. mr. trump, the president-elect, says the satelite company one web will
5:50 am
also be hiring 3,000us workers. president-elect says he's delivering on his promise, you will remember during the campaign season, to force corporate america to focus on job creation at home, rather than abroad. >> just hope, he said, because of me, they're doing 5,000 jobs to this country. >> sprint parent company says those 5,000 jobs being created are part of a larger investment plan. meanwhile, president obama is saying good-bye to the white house, seems a lot of people are sorry to see him go. >> they do a pole every single year, and the president declared the most admired man in the world. he head out, trump. mr. obama won, 15% say they most admired trump. this is obama's ninth straight win in this survey. >> florida high school marching band looking forward to a once-in-a-lifetime performance over in rome. actually had to put their plans on hold. >> so disappointing, half of
5:51 am
the bands wound up stranded in a philadelphia. these are student, chaperone, coming up from florida. had lay over on tuesday, in philadelphia. but their flight was cancelled on one of the planes. so they spent two nights here in philly. now half the bands is staying over at the double tree hotel, while the other half is living it up over there in italy, enjoying their time in rome. and each student, they paid a lot of money for this, $3,500, so pretty bummed, missing big performance. american airlines is making sure they leave this morning on flight now out of jfk up in new york. and they released a statement that reads in part: we sincerely apologize to the destruction to their travel plans. our customs relations team will be reaching out to all of the student and chaperone impacted by the previous flight cancellation from philadelphia to rome. maybe they'll get some money. i'm sure that's what they want. very interesting. what somebody won't do for a woman. many of the nba top players are seeking fan support to get into the nba all-star game. including one of our own,
5:52 am
sixers joel embiid. but there is an interesting woman connection on this one. >> a woman? >> oh, we'll explain.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
>> welcome back, almost 5:55 right now on this morning, we have good news, playing little bit of pink, because she has just announced the birth of her second child. of course she is from our area, doylestown, she and her husband, carri heart, taking to instagram to introduce their new southern, he joins his big sister, willow, who is now five. >> how about this one about joel embiid? he's pretty good on the court. but sixers star joel embiid showing off his social media skills, having fun on twitter to help land spot in the nba all-star game. he's reaching out to his fans to help vote him in. and he's tweeting about why he really wants to play. he said he's got crush on someone famous, and she told him come back when you're an all-star. so the twitter stunt appears to be working, within an hour, he had 10,000 re tweets. fans, players, some reporters, all get a say on which players will make the cut. the all-star game is in
5:56 am
february. >> and a lot of people are big carson wentz fans, and we now know that a very famous baseball star, from our area, mike trout, is also one of them. in fact, they've been going hunting together, and here is them hanging out down in avalon. from the sea aisle times. everyone all smiles in this picture, turns out, trout we know from south jersey, sped a lot of his offer season there not far from where wentz lives, trout is huge eagles fan, always root for the hometown team. spent part of the holidays together hunting. how about that? >> and scarlett johansson box office gold. she tapped forbes' annual litz of the top grossing actors and actresses, for 2016. her movies bring in $1.2 billion at global ticketing boots. captain america, civil war, was the bulk that far, grossing more than $1.15 billion. the 32 year old narrowly beat out co-stars chris evans, robert downey junior for the top position this year. >> how about this? caught on camera.
5:57 am
that is a guy in our area crashing through a department store with a sledgehammer. what investigators say he got away with that's worth tens of thousands of dollars. and such a sad update now. a day after losing her daughter, carrie fisher now a broken hearted debbie reynolds has died as well. first a princess, now america's sweetheart. good day philadelphia continues.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> got ready, all lit up. commute could get little mess think morning. live look at wilmington, not going to see the snow down there. but you will see plenty of rain. what exactly can you expect in your area as you head out the shnewer sue has you covered. >> plus: they've been found, a south jersey woman, and her great granddaughter, rescued in rural virginia. where a hunter stumbled across their stranded car. >> ♪ >> more heart break-in hollywood. actress debbie reynolds passes away just one day after her daughter's death. her somber final farewell, and final words, to her son, moments before she died. good day everybody. so much news. this final week of the year. it is already december 29th. wow. >> couple of more days until the new


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